Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here is my favorite place to sit, knit and watch TV. This is my spot and no one else sits in it.
See that lovely OTT Light. I received it as a Christmas gift last year in a swap. Can you say spoiled and shocked. I love it.
As I wrote in my blog I would love to be sitting in a glider and ottoman glider but I don't have one so until I do, it is the couch for me. I do routinely move the cushions around so the one I sit on doesn't flatten out too much.


Angie said...

would love to see your piccie, but its not showing up?
can anyone else see it, or is my PC playing up again?

Angie said...

hey again,
got it up this time, that is a fab light!!! cretainly something i could do with...