Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snowy greetings from Norway

Today winter came to my corner of the world. After my daily evening walk it was good to come home to a warm house and a nice cup of coffee. I`m a fairly new coffee drinker, since this February. I was told to drink coffee due to stomach problems and boy it helps. :) It was a struggle at first to drink the ordinary coffee but I`d already been drinking flavoured coffee for a year so I kind of had got used to the taste of coffee. I`ve been knitting more or less for 30 years. I love to swap and have been doing it since 1991 even I first this year got my own blog and could join blog swaps. Nice to see you here knittin`diva. You are a brilliant swapper. :) Can`t wait to have my partner to shop for.

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KnittyWitty said...

Greetings. I miss the snowy weather since I moved to the south. I love to knit by a warm fire with a snowfall. Love to read your message.