Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yay! I'm in!

I was reading someone else's blog and I saw they had gotten their invite...and I was crushed! you mean, I didn't make it in? They don't want me? So before I actually had a hissyfit/pityparty (a sure sign of maturity for me), I checked my email, and lo, and behold - there was my invite! Yay! I made it in! Yay! I'm special!

I just loooove swaps. Last night, I received the mittens and bag I'm wearing in my profile pic, from my very first swap (They are sooooooo wonderful).

So about coffee - I love it. I gave up drinking coffee 13 years ago when I quit smoking, but have started drinking it again in the last couple of years. I can't drink very much of it any more (it bothers my stomach) so I make sure that I get really really good coffee and I savor it. My mother is a serious coffee snob and some has rubbed off on me.I am especially fond of fair trade coffees that are also organically grown.

Yes, I drink it with milk and sugar, preferably lots of both...and then I switch to tea (which I love just as much as coffee).

Now to read everyone else's posts and catch up!

from Huntsville, AL

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