Friday, October 5, 2007

Did someone say Coffee???

Hi everyone!!

My name is Mary and this is my first swap - I am soooo jazzed!!!! I LOVE coffee and ADORE yarn!! this is the perfect first swap!

I have been knitting again for the last two years (my paternal grandmother taught me when I was a child) and just cast on for my first sweater a week ago! I have a little yorkie (Tigger) who likes it when I knit b/c she can cuddle up next to me with her toy and nap!

I cannot wait to get to know some new friends - I travel alot and always like to meet my blog buddies!

I am in sunny, WARM San Antonio - very jealous to read about some of you in the colder climates...I really miss fall!!!

Have a super weekend! I am on my first yarn crawl tomorrow - should be fun! TTFN!

my blog is and I am coastergirl on ravelry (just got in!)

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