Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Update

I want to thank everyone for their patience in getting their invites. I'm sorry we weren't able to send out immediate confirmations (I know, it's agonizing, isn't it:-). I'll have to think of a way to possibly streamline that a little bit next swap. But, if you're worried you didn't get in and you're still waiting for your invite, as long as you sent us an e-mail you're in. We were at 152 when we closed the swap, so no one was turned away and a couple of extras squeaked by.

You will have your partner by next Monday, maybe sooner. In the meantime you can start working on your questions to post to your blog. If you are blogless, just save them for an e-mail to your partner.


Here are the questions:
1. Whole bean or ground?
2. Fully-loaded or decaf?
3. Regular or flavored?
4. How do you drink your coffee?
5. Favorite coffee ever?
6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do?
7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee?
8. Anything else about your coffee preferences?
9. Yarn/fiber you love?
10. Yarn/fiber you hate?
11. What's on your needles?
12. Favorite colors?
13. Allergies?
14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest?


Jennifer said...

I am so excited I already posted the questions and answers on my bog. :)

Tricotine said...

My Questionnaire has been posted in my blog as well! :-)


and also under the swap button in the right sidebar.

Isabelle aka tricotine