Monday, October 8, 2007

Southern California here!!

Hello! I got my invite to join the swap!!! So jazzed! I kind of took a break from swapping aside from the HSKS3 swap because the summer was so busy and I was running out of money! I know many times there's a minimum to spend on a swap, but please! Show me a raise of hands of people who generally go $20 to $40 over that limit?? The longer the deadline the more stuff we find to put in that box LOL Anyway, my name is Jenean. I've been knitting for almost 2 years. I lead a local knitting group in my area called Knotty Knitters and I'm the brains behind the 2008 Spring Fling Knitting Retreat taking place in Southern California.

I've been married for 13 years and have four children ranging in age from 6 to 15 years old. I work with mentally disabled adults, but will be switching to the hospitality field soon. I will get my bachelors degree in hospitality management in a little over a year - just before my oldest graduates from high school.

Well, that's enough about me. I'm totally looking forward to this swap and can't wait to get to know you all a little better.

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