Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yay, I'm In!

I signed up on the first day of sign-ups, and after fretting for a bit that I perhaps signed up too early, I found the invite in my box this morning! Yay!

I've been a coffee-drinker only slightly longer than I've been a knitter. I started off drinking "coffee" (i.e. milk and sugar with coffee flavor) my freshman year of college, then slowly moved up to the good stuff. I'm afraid I've gotten horribly snobby about my beans and who brews it, though!

I'm now a MA student in literature (hoping to graduate May 2008!) who knits as often as possible. If you take a peek at my blog, I tend to talk about literary stuff a lot, and occasionally knitting and other things. This is my second knitters' coffee swap, which was so much fun that I'm looking forward to a second!

--Jenn (blog)

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