Monday, October 8, 2007

Virginia is for Coffee Lovers

The smell of steaming beans and the sound of clacking needles. Two things I adore. I was introduced to coffee, not that Folgers filth but good coffee, by a college roommate. She was crazy and we had a big fight over room tidiness. I'm so glad she left behind her love for coffee and not her mountain of mess. The knitting I learned later. Yet would have been handy during those stressful college days. A coworker taught me how to knit. She's the niftiest person I know with handicraft skills. I am so glad that I stuck with the skill and pushed through the frustration. Because lace, learning lace, it is enough to make anyone crazy. Come on over and introduce yourself on my blog, or snoop, what ever fits your fancy. I write usually every week and on occasion more than once a week. Yeah, I know, I'm an over achiever that way. I raise a coffee mug to you all and may this be a splendid round of Knitter's Coffee Swap.

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